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the rat bastard's guide to html!

hello! here's my guide to learning html the lazy easy way!

soo... what even is html??

html is the key to the web! it stands for hyper text markup language, and, along with css (cascading style sheets), it's what gets all the info you see on websites to your eyes! (in addition to other programs i don't understand- and nerves, and your retinas, and stuff) ever clicked inspect element on chrome? the text in the tab you see is html!!
it was intially introduced in 1989 by tim berners-lee and really gained traction in the 90s and early 2000s. the user-created websites of this time (usualy colorful, hectic, and super fun!) began to lose their footing with the advent of more modernized social media sites such as myspace, but there are people still keeping the tradition going in 2020!!
while, on the early web, websites were made using the notes app, i'm going to write this assuming that if you're reading it, you're using neocities!

cool! how do i use it?

if you're just starting out, your web page probably looks like this ->

and your code probably looks like this ->

i'd start by getting rid of everything from < body > to < /body > ! then, here are some basics to get you started:

< h1 > this is a header < /h1 >

< h2 > this is a sub header < /h2 >

< p > this is a paragraph < /p >

< em > this text is italicized < /em >
< b > this text is bolded < /b>

note: the default text size for < b > and < em> is paragraph!

note 2: use < br > to create a line break

note 3: < center > this text is centered < /center >

note 4: this is probably obvious, but eliminate the spaces between < and other symbols when you actually write your code!

this is a link: < a href = "url.com" > link text < /a >

this is a way to add an image: < img src = "image.jpg" >